Philipines in My eyes

Each picture, a different story …

Damay, please tell me story from when you were in Philipines before? My friend was looking through my photos album on IG. His smiling face up at me in expectation.

I answered  “ Which story do you want to hear this time?” I asked

Then he asked “ Tell me everything and how did you feel? “

I started to explain it …

I was so excited, extremely happy when I was there . My mind was blown because I never expected that I was really can meet local people in another side of ASEAN. Visiting Philipines was like beautiful moment which I got. Talking with local people and hearing voice with different language with me made me so happy. I learnt new culture, met new people and tried some culinary even to find halal food was not easy for me. I never thought that I can go there for few days.

My mind was blown right now. I don’t know, why I suddenly remembered about my travel when I was in Philipines 5 months ago.

Some of Interesting memories which I got there :

1.Muslim girl and Jeepney

Jeepney is one of public transportation in Manila (Philipines). I tried to use this vehicle because i was so curious how it feels. Besides, the price was cheaper than other vehicles ( hahaha). When I was in Jeepney, I tried to sit beside driver. Then, The driver started to ask many things to me and i looked at his face. He looked so curious, and he asked me like simple chit-chat “Where are you from?”, “How could you here? “, ” Are u Muslim? “. I tried to answer best while enjoy this trip. He was like tour guide because he explain everything to me 😂. The driver was a nice person. And finally, I arrived at Quiapo. Quiapo is one of an area which have a lot of Muslims there. I tried to explore halal food and just walked around there. I met Muslim people there, and I gave them some money. It was like souvenir for them. They said it was enough, enough!. I tried to explained that this money didn’t have a big value (haha) . As know that, Indonesian money has a big number but in fact the value of money, it was not big ( hehe). In the end of days, i just realized that I have a lot of Philipines coins because of jeepney ( hahaha)

2. SM Mall Of Asian

SM Mall Of Asian is one of the largest mall in Bay City, Pasay the Philippines.

As I knew that, there are not many women wearing scarf like me” When I was in road, Mall, MRT etc, many people staring at me (haha). I was talking also with Filipino students at Mall, they were so cute. It was like great experience because they were also so curious to ask many things to me. There was also security officer started to came and suddenly joint conversation with us and we laughed together. I gave them Indonesian coin and money banknote, they were so excited.

3. University of Santo Thomas

One of old university there before I could not go inside but I tried negotiate with security there until I got permission . Yaaah. Such a blessing I went here because I can see one of top university there.

3. I have Filipino friends and I stayed at her hostel and we shared everything. The beautiful moment was we went to watch jazz at night as a farewell party and tried some culinary there. I admire them because they were so humble, and trying to explain many things about their countries.

4. Traaaaaaa I met new friends from Philipines again last month because of YSEALI Theresa Carlos,Roxanne Fuentes,Glennie Marie M. Sina-on,Nehcterg Abuso,Mark N. Plaza. It was great and unforgettable moment when I could make simple conversation with them. I admire them so much because they were an awesome persons and they were so humble. Even Yon Yon Jyron Rei Cruz Raz said “Friendships are beyond English”!! (hahaha)

Mostly Filipino people can speak English, I didn’t expect that before. So, it was awesome, because when I met some people from many places, they helped me so much to show the right direction.

They also gave me inspiration and I feel that I wanna go there again to meet my old friends and YSEALI friends.

And big Thanks also to my partner Arni Rohmiatuni who has accompanied me there with the very tired foot.

You walk never alone , it was not quote from football club  but whenever you go with good intention , God always with You J


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