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My life passion is volunteering. Since 2015, I have been part of one biggest volunteer movement. I do love also traveling because I can learn many things not only meet local people but also my knowledge about other culture can increase.

Getting to know me

You can find me also on IG. I post many picture when i was in travelling.

What They Say ?

Damay is long-time besties of mine (7 years and still counting, been classmates in undergrad for 5). One of best person God ever gifted to me, I could count on her in my both good and bad phase of life. A pure-hearted lady, superbly innocent in most times but reliable and motherly at same time. Passionate to what she intends in her life: to speak English fluently, dedicate herself as an inspiring volunteer, and see the world. Last vision mentioned is strongest reason how we could get along this well.

To have her as your guest or meet-up friend in your area is guaranteed genuinely fun and full of curiosity. She is clean, punctual, able to cook well, take care of your goods: simply a decent guest you’d expect. As “sister from other parents”, I obviously recommend her. Then you’ll get it how I stated she’s one of a kind 🙂
Belladini Lovely

It was definitely fate that brought us together in Singapore. 
Damay only spent 6 hours in the country, but it was 6 hours of pure happy awesomeness. I admire her tenacity to actually travel to Singapore (by ferry!) even under a short time, just to see what she wants to see! Also, I’m just so glad to speak Indonesian again, she made me feel as if I’m away again.
Hope to see you again, hunny! <3
Munira Muhris, Singapore

Annyeong damay! 😊😊 Damay is very nice person. We meet in Manila with her friend Arnii. They stay with us for 2 nights and we have fun together even though i got work on that day. Keep safe damay. Hope to see you again ( Mona, Phlipines).